Continuous Retorts Ltd

Continuous Retorts Ltd (CRL) is a designer and manufacturer of retorts which sterilise or pasteurise food contained within plastic pouches, glass jars or tins, at high speed with low energy and water consumption.

Reece Group has recently completed a major investment in Continuous Retorts Ltd. By joining forces both companies hope CRL will become a major player in the market world-wide. Operating from its base in Gosforth, Newcastle, CRL has developed a system that enables food contained in plastic laminate pouches, pots and trays, as well as more traditional packaging such as tin cans and glass jars to be sterilised or pasteurised at a high speed and low unit cost.

Reece Group CEO Phil Kite, said:

“We are delighted to be able to invest in Continuous Retorts who are at the leading edge of innovation in the food processing sector. They have developed a system of preserving food that delivers real improvement in food quality and nutrition values compared to existing technologies.

Working together we are confident we can develop the business into a major player in what is an exciting and growing market.”