5th August 2013

Super Light Weight Roller shown on Husky at DVD 2013

Super Light Weight Roller shown on Husky at DVD 2013

Pearson Engineering’s newest counter-IED system to go into production, the Super Light Weight Roller (SLWR) has been recently fielded in Afghanistan by the British Army. 

The roller, based on the Self-Protection Adaptive Roller Kit (SPARK) which was successfully deployed in large numbers in Iraq and Afghanistan by the US Army and Marine Corps has been optimised to be fitted onto the lighter Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles currently in use.

Sixty Nine systems have been supplied to date with Pearson Engineering committed to continued support of the project as UK ground forces withdraw from Afghanistan.

The roller was shown in public for the first time at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics display in mid-June, installed on the front of the Navistar Defence Husky MRAP vehicle.

The SLWR is designed to be fitted to the front of the host vehicle via a simple interface bracket which allows for quick attach and release of the system. The role of the SLWR is to detonate and neutralise mines and Victim Operated Improvised Explosive Devices (VOIEDs) ahead of the vehicle.

It has a total of 12 rollers arranged in two banks of six, one on each side of the vehicle covering a variable stand-off area ahead of each wheel.

The rollers are made of a resistant polyurethane compound which are mounted to a crossbeam which allow the roller wheels to articulate over undulating terrain.

Like earlier systems, the whole frame of the roller can be hydraulically moved left of right as the vehicle turns with the degree of movement being controlled inside the vehicle by a Roller Control Unit (RCU).