SPARK Saves Lives

24th April 2013

Spark saves livesPearson Engineering are at the forefront of counter mine and IED vehicle protection. In response to an urgent operational requirement within the U.S Army to protect vehicles and provide route clearance capability, the Pearson Engineering Self-Protection Adaptive Roller Kit was chosen for the company’s anticipation of the requirement, in-depth knowledge of the system, ability to quickly react and their long-established, successful relationship with the Army. The success of the SPARK has been documented by program leader LTC Borjes in the article below entitled:

The Self-Protection Adaptive Roller Kit (SPARK) – Negating the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Threat for Soldiers and Vehicles.

SPARK is a modular mine roller system which provides an effective way of neutralising a pressure plate fused device. It applies pressure to the ground, detonating explosives ahead of the host vehicle, clearing the route for following vehicles and protecting the soldiers.

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